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**Are you a victim of human trafficking or know someone who is that needs help different services? Below you’ll find a list of great and local organizations that you can contact to get help.

RAHAB Ministries

RAHAB Ministries is 501©3 non-profit organization that provides safe housing and rehabilitative programs for victims of human trafficking, as well as mentoring, drop-in centers, education and training, and do outreaches into the community like visiting strip clubs and delivering gifts bags and homecooked meals, as well as connecting with incarcerated women by visiting jails, writing letters and hosting Bible studies.

(330) 819-3326

RAHAB Ministries

Hannah’s House

( (330) 495-2970 – Hannah’s House 119 offers several different programming options to meet the needs of each individual youth.  “We believe that prevention is key and provide programming that educates our youth about the risks and signs of sexual exploitation.  We provide life skill training to give our youth the tools needed to be successful in life and build upon the 40 Developmental Assets.  Hannah’s House believes that “every” child is just one decision away from becoming a statistic.  We also believe that ONE caring adult can be the KEY to their success.” They are also currently in the process of opening a housing facility for young, at-risk moms and their children.

Children’s Network of Stark County

( (330) 451-1700 – The Children’s Network of Stark County Child Advocacy Center “is a community partnership of caring professionals working together in one location. We help children and their families cope with: Exposure to violence, Sexual abuse, Severe physical abuse, and Human trafficking. We offer comprehensive, coordinated, investigative and professional services. Treatment and aftercare services are also available to children and their non-offending family members.”

Mercy’s H.A.V.E.N. Program

(  330-489-1000, ext. 2170 – “Mercy’s HAVEN Program provides immediate specialized nursing care, support, and options to victims of assault, age 14 and older. Victims under the age of 14 are referred to The Children’s Network of Stark County Child Advocacy Center or Akron Children’s Hospital. HAVEN staff also raise awareness by providing community and professional education and outreach.”

Aultman’s Serenity Program

( (330) 452-9911 – Aultman’s Serenity program serves sexual assault, domestic violence assault, and drug facilitated assault victims, and provides safety, nursing care with training in assault forensics and courtroom testimony, follow-up programs and resources.”

Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health

( 330-433-6075 // Crisis Hotline: 330-452-6000 – “Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health (C&A), is a not-for-profit, full service, trauma-informed mental health organization specializing in the emotional and behavioral needs of children, adolescents, young adults, and their families.”


( – PATHS (Partners Against Trafficking of Humans Stark) “educates and advocates for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking while connecting services on behalf of trafficked persons.”

Stark County Juvenile Human Trafficking Task Force

(no website yet) – The Task Force is a network of local agencies who collaborate to provide mental, medical, social, educational, and legal services to juveniles who are victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Stark County Sheriff’s Office

( – (330) 430-3800


**If you want to learn more about human trafficking, here are some great organizations with information that is trustworthy and reliable…

Department of Homeland Security Blue Campaign

Ohio Missing Person’s – Find A Missing Person

Ohio Human Trafficking Task Force

Polaris Project

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children  ONLINE HOTLINE: HOTLINE: 1-800-843-5678

National Human Trafficking Hotline Number and Website Call 1-888-373-7888 ( TTY: 711) Text HELP or INFO to 233733 (BeFree)


Girl Set Free – we want to include them somewhere on here, but we don’t know really how they would fit…